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About us

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Our two centres, Te Tūhunga Rau and Raukawa Community Centre, lead programmes and events that build connections and promote social well-being.

From community meals and craft groups to fitness classes and holiday activities, the community centres host a vibrant range of services and events for everyone.

Our social services include Kaibosh food parcels and visits from professionals like midwives, financial mentors and legal advisors.

Outside our regular programmes, Te Tūhunga Rau is a hive of activity for private and social functions. See our venue hire information here

The team

Fiona 1 crop

Fiona Prestidge


Fiona is delighted to be working in Strathmore Park. She came to the centres in mid-2019 after a long career with NZ Police.

Fiona's management and social policy experience help keep the centres humming, growing the partnerships with others and keeping us on a strong financial footing.

Get in touch with Fiona here.

Phina Eta resized

Seraphina Sasa and Saraneta Alefaio

Kaimanaaki/Host, Raukawa Community Centre

These two women bring warmth, caring and practical know-how to their Kaimanaaki roles at the centre. Seraphina (right) works four days a week and Saraneta (left) on Mondays.  You're welcome to call them Phina and Eta! Other Kaimanaaki support our work on a part-time or casual basis too.

Get in touch with them here.

Purpose and Vision


Manaaki Tāngata: We provide opportunities for the people of Strathmore Park to connect, grow and thrive.


An enriched community


 Belonging and Whanaungatanga

  • Welcoming with aroha and respect
  • Building a sense of place for all


  • Holding ourselves accountable—asking, “Is it helpful?”, “Is it the best we can do?”
  • Using resources wisely and meaningfully


  • Connecting and collaborating
  • Bringing people with us; dreaming, doing and celebrating together


  • Moving forward with energy and purpose
  • Reaching and striving for better outcomes

Strathmore Park Community Centre Trust

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The two community centres are overseen by a charitable trust made up of five members:
Simon Bowden (chair), Terry Rakuraku, Rachel Healy, Brenda Wallace, Raewin Tipene-Clarke and Elizabeth Te Aho.

Some Māori advisers support the Trust through representing te ao Māori, and advising on kaupapa Māori as needed to support the operations of the centres.

 Trust members meet five or more times a year. Read the Trust Deed and latest financial report here.

Community members are welcome to attend meetings with the trustees. The next meeting will be in June (date TBC) at Te Tūhunga Rau.

Our funders

Strathmore Park Community Centres rely on the support of funders and partners. Our core funder is Wellington City Council.


Holiday Programme

Thanks to the many people and organisations who expertly lead activities, provide funding or resources that enable us to run this fabulous programme. 


Freshen Up

Thanks to the organisations who provide toiletries for our goody bags. Held on the last Friday before school goes back for a new term, we give out around 100 bags containing all that's needed to look good and feel fresh. 

Weltec barbering students provide awesome free haircuts.

Special acknowledgement and thanks to Wellington Community Fund who have provided a grant to cover costs for four Freshen Up for School events, starting from October 2023.

Service providers

We work with the following organisations to provide services and programmes at our centres:

Strathmore Park Community Action Coalition

  • Scenery shot. Toni May 2018 web
  • Kotahi

Operating separately to the Strathmore Park Community Centres, the Community Action Coalition is made up of organisations and individuals with an ongoing commitment to our suburb, demonstrated through their mahi in and for this place. The coalition’s role is to provide strategic direction and leadership to support a community-led development approach in Strathmore Park.

Organisations represented on the coalition include Kahurangi School, the Strathmore Park Residents’ Association, Kahurangi Friends and the Strathmore Park Community Centres as well as other relevant parties.

The Coalition’s aims include:

  • to develop the community’s strengths and assets
  • to identify shared issues and opportunities to generate local solutions
  • to develop an active citizenship that makes Strathmore Park a better place to live

Click here for the Coalition’s Terms of Reference.

Community priorities and conversations

Over the years, Strathmore Park residents have provided a range of ideas to develop their suburb through events and projects, many of which have come to fruition.

Members of the public who are currently looking to engage in community consultation in Strathmore Park are first encouraged to read this Summary of Consultation, Strathmore Park 2013 to 2019.

For more information about community action in Strathmore Park, please contact Fiona Prestidge.