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For All

Te Tūhunga Rau

Group small

Tuesday 28 March, 7pm

Ka tangi te tītī, ka tangi te kākā, ka tangi hoki ko au. Tīhei mauri ora!
The mutton bird sings, the kākā sings, and I too will sing. Behold the breath of life! 

E ngā manu tīoriori nau mai haere mai ki tō tātau whare! To the songbirds of our community, welcome to our whare. We invite you to come and share stories, greetings and food that represent your culture, worldview and your identity in an evening to celebrate your song, your voice. 

Te Tūhunga Rau is the name of the recently refurbished community centre in Strathmore Park. The name can be translated as The Place of a Hundred Perches or Where the many feathers find a place to stand. It is a place where the manuhiri ( birds looking for a place to settle ) or people from around the world that make our community home, can  find a place to make their own. 

Come along to For All to listen or participate. Tangata whenua will welcome us and explain the stories and ideas behind Te Tūhunga Rau. We’ll then invite anyone that would like to share something of their identity to speak. For example, you might help us learn how to say hello and goodbye in your first language or dialect. You may share a story from your culture and then help us try to understand its meaning. If English is a challenge, bring someone to help translate, we’ll pause regularly to give people time to explain the ideas being shared.

Dressing in a manner that represents your cultural identity is encouraged and/or bringing something from your culture that is important to you. There is a good sound system for anyone who would like to sing, dance or present music live, from Bluetooth, computer or CD. If you can, bring a plate of food to share, culturally inspired dishes are welcome! We’ll share food after sunset so that our friends participating in Ramadan can enjoy something to eat with us all. Private spaces for prayer are available.

No need to RSVP, just show up! However, if you know you are coming and have something to share, it would be great if you let us know to help with our planning. Email Simon Bowden at:  


The photo shows people who featured in the 2020 video project that celebrated the richness and diversity of the lives and languages in Strathmore Park.